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How to improve the service life of drill rods



"How to improve the service life of drill rods"

Horizontal directional drills are sturdy and durable machines designed to operate in harsh ground conditions and environments. Drilling rigs are susceptible to normal wear and tear caused by hard machining equipment. The main inspection point for drill rod manufacturers should be drill rods. In addition to the driving parts and the engine, the drill rod is one of the important parts of the drilling rig. If it is not of good quality, it is used to bend during the entire drilling process, resulting in the back bending of the pilot hole. How to improve the service life of the equipment and carry out maintenance.

1. First of all, understand the different designs of the drill rod. The three pieces of the drill rod are welded together, and the one-piece forged rod is recommended to choose a smaller size drill bit. Each end of the single-piece drill rod is heated and upset, subjected to heat treatment, and has a consistent hardness. The ends are threaded, creating a strong tapered tool joint that, when properly tightened, creates a stronger joint for the application.

2. The drill rod is designed to provide a combination of flexibility, strength and durability, and is an important tool required for wear-resistant parts. To meet these requirements, stage end bending and torque, the drill rod is made of special material alloys, and the processing method is selected. , the material is very important, the required bending and flexibility, the drill rod is owned by the rig alone and must be maintained in a different way than the other components, due to the consistent thrust, torque and friction worn on the drill rod, facing different maintenance needs.

3. An important way to prolong the service life of each drill rod is to rotate the guide rod into the frame. By rotating the guide rod in the frame, the operator can minimize the risk of large damage to a single rod. The end of the drill rod also needs maintenance. Threading the end and regularly lubricating it can prolong the life of the drill rod. Thread lubrication is important for every joint, and every time the rods are connected together, lubrication needs to be used. Complete thread inspections on a regular basis using a thread gauge, which is a very small, easy-to-handle tool.