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Maintenance and maintenance of drill pipe wear




How to maintain and maintain the wear phenomenon of the body rib drill pipe

In deep wells, ultra-deep wells, highly deviated wells, extended reach wells and horizontal wells, the drilling time of the body rib drill pipe is prolonged, and the lateral force of the drill string acting on the casing increases, so the friction and wear problems of the casing and the drill string increasingly prominent. The direct consequence of serious wear is the rapid wear of the drill string, leading to premature failure; casing wear will reduce the collapse resistance and internal pressure strength of the casing string, resulting in collapse, deformation and leakage of the casing string, and in severe cases, complete damage to the casing. Well scrapped. It not only affects our mining work, but even threatens the life safety of workers in severe cases. In response to this problem, our maintenance technicians have come up with some solutions.

The application of the body rib drill pipe is no longer limited to the coal mining industry. Now many industries use the body rib drill pipe, and the drilling in many places has serious damage to the body rib drill pipe joint. Some of the drill pipe The friction problem between the joint of the supporting equipment and the casing can not be ignored.

The mechanism of friction and wear between drill pipe and casing, the resulting series of problems and their preventive measures are deeply studied. The main research contents include: In order to explore the mechanism of friction and wear between drill pipe joint and casing, the finite element method is used to study different loads. The distribution law of the contact pressure between the lower joint and the casing is established, and the mathematical model of the maximum contact pressure and wear amount is established. The analysis results can well explain the principle of reducing casing wear with single and double-sided welding hardening strips of drill pipe joints, and provide a theoretical basis and technical basis for the welding and hardening strip technology of drill pipe joints. In-depth theoretical analysis and experimental research on the friction thermal cracking of drill pipe joints are carried out, the mechanism and process of thermal cracking failure of drill pipe joints are clarified, and measures to reduce or prevent thermal cracking failure of joints are proposed.