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How to choose a suitable and satisfactory drill rod for rock drilling tools



【How to choose a suitable and satisfactory drill rod for rock drilling tools】

Drill rod is an indispensable part of drilling tools, and many projects require rock drilling tools. Drilling can drill through the rock, with high efficiency and saving a lot of manpower. But these brazing tools all fit their own drill rods. Here we will find out how to choose a drill rod.

When selecting drill pipe, there are many factors to consider. First, we need to see the material of the drill pipe and its shape and size. Knowing these basic factors, we can know if it is suitable for drilling tool. At the same time, we also need to consider the strength of the rock drill, the strength and hardness of the rock, and how we choose the rod are closely related.

If the hardness of the rock is relatively large, we need to choose a higher power rock drill and a good quality drill rod. If there is a problem with the drill rod, the drill will not work properly. In addition, when choosing a drill rod, the diameter of the drilling tool must be understood first, and the depth of the rock hole is also a factor that cannot be ignored.

For experienced personnel, choosing a drill rod is very simple, because they are familiar with rock drilling tools. If we look at the drill rods, we can tell if they are suitable for the drill. The drill rod should not only adapt to the drilling hole, but also choose a drill rod that is consistent with the interface. Only the cross section is also suitable.

Through the introduction, we further understand some factors that need to be considered when choosing a rock drilling rod. I hope the above introduction can help you choose drill rods better, but still remind you not to pay too much attention to price and ignore product quality.